When it comes to litigation, there is no substitute for skill and commitment. We believe clients deserve strong advocacy and insightful counsel; that litigation should be undertaken with integrity and professionalism. At Freeman Law, we approach every case with the passion and dedication that it deserves, treating each matter as though it is the most important case we will ever try.

In preparing a case for litigation, we draw on a background of defending white-collar and complex financial cases, employing investigative techniques and strategies to fully develop the facts and formulate practical trial theories that both resonate with juries and conform to the developed evidence.

The craft of a trial lawyer is both an art and a science; it is one that must be continually fine tuned and adapted to social and economic changes. In today’s day and age, technology has become a particularly important part of how we—as trial lawyers—develop cases and communicate with juries (and judges). It also influences the fundamental economics of litigation. As the practice of law has changed and evolved, nimbler firms with lower overhead models are often able to provide a value proposition that simply can’t be matched by larger firms.

At Freeman Law, we are dedicated to a client-centric philosophy. We listen to our clients. We gain an understanding of the nuances of their goals and expectations. And we provide practical, measured advice, working collaboratively to formulate a strategy to achieve their goals and objectives.